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Klienci indywidualni


- We run internal workshops for sales teams, managers, directors and members of governing bodies of companies.
- We run external workshops organised by training companies, law firms and chambers of commerce.

I. Offer addressed to public sector entities

Privacy Policy – this workshop includes the practical aspects of personal data processing and protection, taking into account the legal requirements for their proper securing and related procedures.

Public contracts – this workshop includes – depending on the participants’ knowledge level – selected aspects of procurement law: for example, a discussion on the different modes, legal remedies or the organisation and proper preparation of contractor selection procedures.

Protection of classified information – this workshop includes a comparison of the existing solutions with the newly-introduced ones, security classification and the organisation of secret offices.


II. Offer addressed to private sector entities: businesses and individual clients

Liability of board members in a limited liability company – this workshop includes liability rules in limited liability companies concerning authorised agents, board members, transactions requiring shareholders’ approval, a discussion on circumstances, non-competition clauses and more.

Recovery of receivables from contractors – the workshop includes the preparation of all necessary documentation before a debt is due, ways to protect oneself from potential debtors, effective monitoring, and actions and tricks often used by debtors.

Conclusion of agreements and security of agreements – this workshop includes an overview of the practical side of a collateral and personal security, such as promissory notes, a mortgage, a pledge registration, deeds on the basis of art. 777 of the Polish Code of Civil Procedure, assignment by way of security, etc., along with their effectiveness, benefits and drawbacks. This training includes practical exercises.

Protection of intellectual property – this workshop includes a discussion on the rules for obtaining protection under industrial property law, a discussion on the differences between an industrial design, utility design and trademark, the rules of copyright protection with elements of database protection and personal rights protection.

Conducting a court case – this workshop includes a discussion on the rules of procedure and preclusion, the differences between ordinary and separate proceedings, the most common errors made by the parties in any formal proceedings.

Experience – workshops organised for: 
- Biznes Center Club in Warsaw (2004)
- Wrocław Chamber of Commerce (2005)
- Gazeta Prawna (2004-2005)
- Commune of Kobierzyce – Public Procurement law (2009)
- Clients of the CASUS Law Firm (2011-2012)
- Clients of the STATIMA Law Firm (2008-2013)
- Clients of the CAUSA Law Firm (2003-2006)

Classes for postgraduate students – Intercultural Communication in Business – 2005

- Wrocław School of Banking - 2005-2014

Certified and professional courses
"How to Effectively Recover Debts and Negotiate with Debtors", Laura Skwarek (Legal Counsel), 4th April 2009, The School of Banking, auditorium.
Preparation course for the state examination for an "Appointed Officer " (2011-2012)

Second Prize at the Congress of FMCG Sales "Security of Contracts with Contractors" organised by McHayes & Stewart Group