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Klienci indywidualni

- Business consultancy, including economic and trade law,
- Contracts, agreements, security and negotiations of contracts,
- Debt collection,
- Legal audits of legal persons and organisational entities
- Advice on any company and management issues,
- Legal support and preparation of shareholders' meetings, meetings of the board of directors as well as other documents related to commercial companies’ operation, for example the increase or reduction of the share capital,
- Assistance and representation in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, including the notification of claims, objections to a list of claims and others,
- Labour law and social security law,
- Support and representation before public administration authorities and in any judicial and administrative proceedings,
- Representation in the proceedings concerning an entry or change in the Commercial Register, the Register of Pledges and before a land and mortgage register court,
- Any other legal services.

In terms of contracts and agreements, our law firm offers, in particular, the preparation of:
- Framework and Investment Agreements,
- Company Founding Deeds (a.k.a. Articles of Association)
- Purchase of Shares Agreement,
- Security Establishment Agreements, including a mortgage and register pledge,
- Agreement for the Acquisition of Debt and Security
- Building Design Contract and General Contractor Contract,
- Supply and Service Contracts,
- Transport and Shipping Agreements,
- Consortium Agreements, etc.